2021 Reflections

As Tamaki Makaurau was plunged into lockdown in August of this year, our students faced the ups and downs of lockdown.

Though we are very grateful to now be in red level, soon to be orange, and able to be in school again, we thought we would share our student’s reflections on their time in lockdown and the things they got up to!

“At first lockdown was boring because I had nothing to do, but as lockdown went on there was more stuff to do! For example, family time was of the things that I enjoyed because I got to spend more time with my sister and mum. Another thing I enjoyed was eating heaps of home cooked meals, but when we went into level 3 I had heaps of takeaways!” – Phoenix.

“I could sleep for ages and not get into trouble, and I could sleep in for ages and not get into trouble!  Cooking was something fun to do during lockdown! I had my birthday in lockdown and I can say last years birthday was better! This year I could do nothing but eat and watch movies!” – Alisha.

“Lockdown was a shock to me, it still is! Days are sometimes long, sometimes good, sometimes boring. On the bright side, I appreciate things more, even the simplest things. Now I appreciate what I have far more and I am happy to give to others who have less or need help.” – Peter.

“I watched heaps of movies and my favourite TV series was How To Get Away With Murder! I hung out a lot with Phoenix and played basketball and on the playground, watched a lot of Disney movies and slept a lot. My birthday was in lockdown so I got a PS4 and played Fortnite and Minecraft. I also hung out on my birthday with Candice and Alisha!” – Stevie.


Overall, our kids worked hard and kept themselves busy with movies, sleep, delicious home cooked meals and spending time with family. All of us have learnt to appreciate the little things in life, and to really turn to others to check in and help out those who may need it. We hope your lockdown was safe and you and  your family are healthy!

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