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The Marist Alternative Education Centre emerged out of the deepening concern felt by the Marist Brothers for students who had been suspended from schools and colleges, which placed them in an “at risk” situation as far as their educational and overall growth as persons were concerned.

We rely heavily on the funding we obtain from our generous donors as we are only partly funded by the Ministry of Education. This funding goes towards providing transportation, stationery, staff salaries, property and administration costs, etc. Any financial assistance you give is very much appreciated by staff, students and our Board.

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We walk alongside our students, caring for them as they face challenges in many aspects of their lives. Our programme reflects the individual needs of each student, making provision for their academic, pastoral, physical, spiritual and cultural needs

About the centre

Marist Alternative Education Ltd. is a Ministry of the Marist Brothers of New Zealand, giving young people in the North Shore Region a second chance at Education. Since 1999, hundreds of young people have come to the Marist Learning Centre wanting to give education and schooling a second try.

The Marist Learning Centre is founded on the ideals and principles of St Marcellin Champagnat and is guided by gospel values and the example of Mary, the first disciple.

Our Success Stories

Kia Ora!  
My name is Akeysha and I currently attend Vanguard Military School.  
I am an ex-student of Marist Alternative Education and finished here in 2020.  
My time at Marist has been extraordinary, it has taught me respect, confidence and self-discipline much more than any other schools have to offer. 
I feel the difference between mainstream schools and Marist is you are treated as an equal and not judged by your past, all your needs are met such as food, transport and individual support.  
If I hadn’t gone to Marist and met Cherie, I’m not sure I would be where I am today, I have set many goals for the future and I look forward to achieving them.  


Our Community

Student Body

The young people of the Marist Learning Centre are students of Orewa College.

Our Team

The staff are fully committed to the dream and mission of St Marcellin Champagnat and developing the hidden potential of our students.

Our School

Marist Alternative Education Ltd. is a registered company with charitable status reregistered under the Charities Commission.

Our Activities

In addition to traditional subjects our students participate in a variety of activities.

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